image of grand hirafu town intersection
Article: Grand Hirafu

We covered 'Where to stay in Niseko' in an earlier article, so now we will go into a little more depth and share some information about the resorts in Niseko. The first resort we are going to look at in more detail is Grand Hirafu.

Image Ambre Jump Hanazono
Article: Hanazono Niseko

Hanazono, is probably the smallest in terms of the resort town. However, in terms of accessible terrain, it is one of the largest ski areas in Niseko.

Rusutsu Open Powder Field Image

Rusutsu vs Niseko - A Comparison

Two of the most popular winter destinations in Hokkaido, Japan, are Niseko and Rusutsu. This is especially true for foreign visitors, where they are probably the two most frequented ski resorts.