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Rusutsu Open Powder Field Image Rusutsu vs Niseko

Rusutsu vs Niseko - A Comparison

Two of the most popular winter destinations in Hokkaido, Japan, are Niseko and Rusutsu. This is especially true for foreign visitors, where they are probably the two most frequented ski resorts.

ski lift niseko image Where to Stay in Niseko

We have already covered where to ski in Japan. But if your mind is set on Niseko, then you still have some thinking to do a some decisions to make in terms of where to stay in Niseko…

image of winter in niseko Plan your ski season in Niseko

Tips to help you enjoy a Season in Niseko.

picture of a pillow drop in the Holiday off-piste Pillows on Holiday Run

The Holiday Run in the Resort of Grand Hirafu is often thought as of a place to avoid. It is notorious for its flat spots, mellow pitch and trail of beginners clogging up the cat track. For snowboarders the flat spots can be torture.

Niseko Spring Park Jump 1 Image Niseko Spring Park

Around the start of April Niseko's premier resort, Grand Hirafu, move their snowpark up the mountain.