Hirafu King Park Closed

niseko grand hirafu park jump closed

King Park, Kogen Park, Hirafu Park, whatever you want to call it, is closed. With little announcement, or fanfare, the entrance has been roped-off, and the grooming stoped.

The park is still open by appointment. Currently there is a freestyle camp in there. They are riding the first feature. To make an appointment call 81-136-22-0109.

We rode in, as usual, on Friday afternoon, ready for a goo shred! Only to be greeted by a group of people telling us the park is closed, as they continued to ride the first jump. Apparently they were a freestyle camp that had booked in advance. This seaming apathy to the everyday rider has been evident before in the season, when the bottom half of the park was closed off. Why? So a group of first timers could learn to snow plough. Where? On the landing of the main kicker. That's right if you are a ski school willing to pay a little money, Hirafu park will sell their sole. If you are a keen park rat, already paid up and committed to your season pass, ready to learn some new tricks and improve your riding, you can take the golden gondola and go to another resort.

Or like us, you could just take two days off riding and wait for the spring park to open!

To be fair the Hirafu Park was pretty dismal, lacking any creativity in their setup, and never changing. The lift access was awesome, and the two kickers added at the end of the season were a big plus, but we are all hoping spring delivers a better park. Hopefully the spring park will deliver some sweet spring riding and keep the park rats (me included) happy for the next 5 weeks..?