Rusutsu resort picture off piste

Okay so Rusutsu us not technically in Niseko, but it is an easy drive from Niseko and is definitely worth a visit if you are over here for more than a couple of days. We will have an article with more details in the coming days but for now here's a little picture for you.

This was taken amidst the trees in between pistes. So not backcountry and and definitely no hiking needed! It wast, I suppose off piste but not a difficult passage. We had some sweet powder turns on the way down to this zone from the lift and a little traverse through the trees. The main difficulty was keeping our speed and the snow depth was just like Niseko, deep.

There were a few little pillows and drops here, just a tasty of what is easily available all over Niseko. The beauty of Rusutsu though, is the fact it is quiet and these things stay untouched all day. We hit this area just before lunch, about 11 o'clock and there was not another track in sight. Happy times and good shredding with friends.

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