Tree Feature Grand Hirafu

image of snowboarder on tree feature

This massive tree feature was found in the off-piste zone next to the Holiday run. Late into the season it was covered on the up-hill side by snow, but still visible from the down-hill angle.

JD hit it a couple of times, with a less than successful, but hilarious outcome. After a few warm up attempts he managed to 50-50 the bad boy and ride away clean. It was a pretty difficult approach and the ride out had a few trees, so it was a difficult feature in the end, but still a goodie!

Tree features are easy enough to find in Grand Hirafu, and all over Niseko. However get a good shot, and successful trick is a little more difficult. We imagined an awesome shot when we saw this tree feature, and that's not exactly how it turned out, but we still like it.