Signatures - Niseko soul shredding

The video of Niseko. This video is synonymous with the ski area and is a quintessential japanese snowboard movie. The riding is all about powder. The mantra is about exploration and being harmonious with the mountain.

In the ever increasing tourism of Niseko, the town has taken on a distinctly non-japanese feel. However this video shows there is still some real soul in Niseko, and that somewhere out there in the forests there are Japanese folk shredding and loving the powder. Keep the faith!

For me the whole movie was a bit too melodramatic and long winded to watch more than once, but still a worthwhile watch. If you are thinking about heading to Niseko and are worried about the over tourism, then watch this. You can get away from the crowds, find peace, and enjoy some fresh track. But it does take some effort and a little desire. This is just a trailer, but enjoy the video!