Tadashi Fuse in Niseko

Okay so you get two video clips today! Why? Because we were going to post Tadashi Fuse's full part from this year YES Snowboards movie. However, we also found a clip that documents his trip to Japan and Niseko. So if you like his full part and want to know more, check out the other clip.

Tadashi's Full Part:

The first three and a half minutes of this clip are in North America... so you can skip that if you wish. However the next three minutes of the video showcase some of Japan's best. We are not sure where it is all shot, but Tadashi has been a frequent visitor to Niseko over the years and it looks like our backyard, so we assume a fair few shots came from Niseko. Whatever the location its a great video. For me it shows what I love about Niseko. You don't to go out and build jumps or sled up big mountain to get your kicks, but rather to snow-shoe or even just walk a few minutes away from the lifts and you can enjoy some insane terrain with untouched pow. Enjoy!

The Japan Trip:

This short video documents the YES team's trip to japan. Presumably some stuff from down south and other parts of Hokkaido, the video ends with the guys cat boarding in Niseko's backcountry. And it looks amazing. There are also some shots from the Niseko Hilton and Lawson's supermarket in Grand Hirafu