Where is Niseko?

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The location of one of the worlds best and most famous ski resorts, Niseko. Featured in many top ski and snowboard movies, the location for Hollywood blockbusters, and the recepient of more snow than any other ski resort in the world. Many people often ask... Where is Niseko?

Well here is the short answer:

Niseko is on the Nothern Island of Japan, commonly known as Hokkaido.

For those of you that would like to know more about the whereabouts of Niseko here is more detail...

Niseko is in the Northern Hemisphere, thus is in mid-winter in January and the height of summer in July.

Niseko is on the 51st paralell, roughly level with Austria or the French Alps.

In a part of the world know as the Far East, Niseko is the country of Japan.

Japan is made up of many small and a few main Islands. Hokkaido the Northern most large island, and is home to the area of Niseko. Main access routes to Hokkaido are train to the main city, Sapporo, or plane to New Chitose Airport (CTS).

From there Niseko is in the North East of Hokkaido. The most accessible train station and nearest town is Kutchan. Niseko is road accessible, by the main Road 5. Road 631 takes you to the main tourist area.

The area is not clearly defined, but is generally thought to incircle a hand full of ski resorts. There is a town called Niseko, but it is not the main hub of winter activity. The small rural town has better cabbage fields than ski fields, but is close to several ski fields.

The area of Niseko is genrally thought to surround Mt Annupuri. This mountain is home to Niseko's ski fields and where you are most likely to ski or snowboard in Niseko. There are other other moutnains that people ski or snowboard when visiting Niseko, namely Mt Yohtei, but there are no ski lifts there.